Leadership Ministries



Staff (volunteers)

Secretary:                 Vacant

Treasurer:                 Scott MacKay

Book Keeper:            Scott MacKay

Musicians:                Ernie Greenwood, Dave Simpson, Debi MacKay, Jackie Bennet


Church Governance

People's Churchwarden: Peter Clarke

People's Deputy Churchwarden: Sirpa Jones 

Rector's Churchwarden: Debi Banting

Advisory Board Members

(Churchwardens, Treasurer, Envelope Secretary, Committee Chairs, Other Office Holders)

Committee Chairs & Other Office Holders of the Parish

Property Managers:   Vacant

Cemetery Board:       Churchwardens and Incumbent

Outreach:                 Janice Greenwood, Sharren Morris

Children's Ministry Coord. and Nursery contact: Davina Doorly

Lay Reader Coord.:     Roger Welsman 

Envelope Secretary:   Janice Greenwood

Altar Guild:               Rosemary Lucas

Coffee Hour Coord.:   Rochelle Mulholland & Mollie Millar

Lay Synod Member:   Roger Welsman

Alt. Synod Member:   Michael Metzler

eCommunications:    Emese Borbely (webmaster, social media, weekly bulletins, email blasts, Zoom Slide-Show)



Please let the church wardens and the incumbent know if you are interested in volunteering and willing to share your time and talents with your church community. 

Liturgical Ministries

Lay Readers




Chalice Bearers

Altar Guild

Youth & Children Ministries

Sunday School Teacher (vacant)

Music Ministries

Organists, pianists, guitarists, soloists, etc.

Welcoming Ministries



Coffee Hour Sponsors

Outreach Ministries

Stretching out to meet needs in the wider communityBusby Street Outreach Van, Out of Cold, The Primate's World Relief and Development Fund, FaithWorks

The Incumbent, Rev'd Sándor Borbély (pron. Shaan-dor Bor-bay) is a Hungarian from Transylvania started his long spiritual journey at age 16 in a boarding school, that is, a high school specializing in religious studies, preparing boys to become cantors or diocesan priests. After graduation in 1990, Sándor continued his studies in philosophy, church history, Latin and liturgy at the diocesan seminary in Transylvania until 1994. He has been trained by the Jesuits and lived as a monk between 1994-2007, been ordained as a priest in 2004. He holds a B.A. in Philosophy from the School of Philosophy in Munich, an M.Div. and Masters in Sacred Theology degree from the Univ. of Toronto (special studies in contemplative spirituality).

Sándor has been living in Canada since 1999, became an Anglican by choice in 2008, and is happily married to Emese.

His ministry  of God's people in the Anglican Church started at Trinity Church Aurora, then it continued at St. Andrew's in Alliston, All Saints in King City and Trinity Church in Bradford. He started his ministry at St. Thomas as a Priest-in-Charge in April 2015 and has continued as an Incumbent since January 2016.

He likes reading and has a passion for learning new languages. He also likes listening to and playing music, watching movies, biking, hiking, swimming, and skiing. He loves talking about all things spiritual as well as discussing the latest technological innovations, trends in science and philosophy

The Incumbent,

Rev. Sándor Borbély