Garden of Eatin' (Please note: we will have a fenced playground for the nursery built on its place by Sept. 2019)


The Garden of Eatin’ is both a way of providing fresh food for mealtimes at the Salvation Army, and a demonstration to others of how they might grow and share their crops with people in need.


The concept is simple: the Garden is planted in the spring by a group of volunteers. The popular vegetables recently have been green beans and tomatoes.


A succession of volunteers weed the garden from time to time, water it as necessary, and harvest the beans and tomatoes as they become ripe.


The vegetables are taken in to the Salvation Army facility on Bayfield Street and very gratefully received. They will be consumed by the guests while still very fresh.


Members of the St. Thomas team have encouraged local gardeners to grow a bit extra to share. Our volunteers will pick up donated food and deliver it to the Salvation Army, along with the Garden’s bounty. This can double the amount of produce that will feed hungry people.